Ramco Laboratories, Inc., was founded in Houston Texas in 1976. Ramco manufactures, assembles, and markets proprietary medical diagnostic test kits and distributes products for StanBio Laboratories, Inc., another Texas based company. Ramco sells to physician groups, hospitals, reference laboratories, and distributors in the U.S. and to distributors and dend users in international markets. Additionally, Ramco designs, commercializes, licenses, and sells assays developed by academic, research and commercial institutions.

Ramco is a privately held company founded by Dr. Clarence Alfrey an MD, PhD. Dr. Alfrey was a leading hematologist in the Texas Medical Center, a researcher for NASA, on staff at the Baylor College of Medicine, the retired medical director of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, and a former President of the Harris County Medical Society. 

The list of medical diagnostic assays which Ramco manufactures and/or sells includes:

  • EIA microplate for quantifying von Willebrand Factor antigen ("vWF")
  • EIA microplate for quantifying ferritin ("Ferririn -")
  • Latex agglutination test for detecting antigen associated with systemic Candidiasis ("Cand-Tec")
  • EIA microplate assay for quantifying serum transferrin receptor ("Transferrin Receptor")
  • Cassette preganacy tests using either serum or urine ("Quik Trak")

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